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Here at Technomancy Studios LLC we strive for not only greatness but also greaterness. Unfortunately, we acheive neither but it's really the thought that counts! Furthermore, our intentions are not only wholesome, but also righteous. We wish to bring you medium quality gaming experiences for a wonderfully acceptable price because that's business and if there's anything we know about it's probably not finance but more likely how to play a mean ass-trumpet. I am now going to go into small detail about the individuals who work under the company name above... Mario Alberto Lastra is what we in the industry call an asset and an a plus individual. Even though many consider him to be quite the speed-bump, he's actually just a humble code slave with a big heart. Up next in our big book of busty brethren we have William J. Fogarty the Third of Williamshire Manor-Hall Abbey Villa De La Perra Blanca, esquire. This dashing, young chap has a powerfully powerful power and that power is the power within. He also draws pictures and does other forms of artisitic expression, like interperative jacking. The final Fogarty is in fact not a Fogarty at all but rather a Grant. "Gabriel J. Grant the Great" as many don't refer to him as, is the one and the only one with the one plan to rule them all. That plan is classified. In his free time, he makes tunes and repairs balloons. But, wait! There's more! The Unpaid Intern that so mysteriously traverses the internet world. His name is Car-